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November 2021 | Antibes | South of France

Undiscovered Canvas in partnership with the Municipality of the City of Antibes. Undiscovered Canvas is honored to welcome Lulama Wolf at the Villa Fontaine in Antibes on the Cote d'Azur.

The villa located near by the Safranier settlement, overlooking Nikos Kazantzakis’s square. The location is idyllic with a view of the ramparts and Cap d'Antibes. The landlord, Marie-Jeanne Fontaine, born Aimé, was a friend of Arts & Letters. When she died in October 1990, she bequeathed her house to Antibes City, in order to invite artists (photographers, painters, sculptors or writers) during their residence.

Lulama will be exploring themes that she has been working on during her practice, these themes explore different expression and variations of spirituality and yearnings of rest. ‘Iyabukisa Izondisa ngbangaboni ‘ (it is so beautiful even the blind are not offended )

Lulama ‘wolf’ Mlambo is a 27-year-old visual artist who lives and works in Johannesburg South Africa. A principal theme in Mlambo’s work is space, spirituality, and influences from vernacular architecture. She explores the human condition in extremely imaginative ways creating hyper visualized characters. Curiosity for science in the African context, how the different themes are interlinked, and what roles they play to one another.

Her work at the intersection of neo- expression and modern African art, Mlambo interrogates the Pre-colonial African experience through the contemporary mind by using smearing, scraped, and deep pigment techniques that were used in vernacular architecture or the patterns created by mostly women to decorate African homes.

History and proof of life are the core languages in her work where there is little to no reference of life in black spirituality. She uses that narrative by staging her 2D Acrylic paintings to embody the simplicity of the native eye. Her intention is tender and is protective of her imaginary world or rather her symbolic view of how her world looks in a alternate universe. She is set on creating a photographic/graphic experience that morphs and shapeshifts into a 2-dimensional plane or higher.

Lulama Wolf | 2020: Projets
Lulama Wolf | 2020: Pro Gallery

Lulama Wolf discussing her experience during Makwande Art Residency in Antibes, South of France. Founded by Nomaza Coupez, the Makwande Art Residency Program fosters creativity, research, and experimentation through its international residency program for emerging artists.

Lulama Wolf | 2020: Vidéo
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